Abb Enterprise Agreement

In August, ABB was awarded a $13.19 million contract to supply mine treplour systems for the Newmont san gold mine. In addition, abb received a contract from Damen Shipyards in July to supply an integrated energy system package for the world`s largest advanced diamond recovery vessel. „Through our work with ERDi TestLab, the WHO platform has become an even more powerful tool with reliable real-time access to operational data through standardized ISA95 messages.“ „This underscores ABB`s commitment to ensuring that Industry 4.0 concepts influence its product roadmaps in the future and demonstrates the significant value that interoperability and automation can bring to the customer through processes and systems. It will give ABB valuable insight into digital transformation and industry 4.0 concepts for the mining industry,“ he adds. In addition, ABB has partnered with UWA to launch its new TestLab Energy and Resources Digital Interoperability Industry 4.0 (ERDi i4.0). ABB has announced a partnership with Transformation Partners (ETP) and the University of Western Australia (UWA) to digitize the Gold Fields Australia Granny Smith mine in Western Australia. This follows Gold Field`s partnership with Aggreko in June 2018 to explore the possibility of introducing renewable energy at its Granny Smith gold mine. „To achieve the goal of a fully connected mine, we are working with ABB and ETP to develop an integrated business process and system architecture that allows for the visibility of operational activities almost in real time through the automated exchange of information between different mining systems,“ says Michael Place, Technical Director of Services at Gold Fields Australia. The TestLab will advance open process automation standards to digitize Australian mines, the statement continued.

It will test the effectiveness of technology interoperability without disrupting mining activities. The collaboration will enable Gold Fields to connect and coordinate in real time the mine operators, employees, equipment and mining activities at Granny Smith. The project will help increase Granny Smith`s production throughput. „Industry 4.0 and digital transformation are huge opportunities for the Australian mining industry with automation, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) that generate knowledge and accelerate increased productivity and efficiency,“ says Stuart Cowie, Director of ABB Australia Industrial Automation Process Industries.