Home Program Written Agreements

(xi) royalties. The agreement must prohibit project owners from charging fees that are not usual in rented housing, such as.B. laundry access fees and other fees. However, rental project owners may collect a reasonable application fee from potential tenants who only charge tenants a parking fee if those fees are common for rental housing projects in the vicinity. and may charge a fee for services such as bus transportation or meals, as long as those services are voluntary. The agreement must also prohibit the developer who is conducting a housing project from charging maintenance, creation, processing, inspection or other fees for property assistance fees. 2. Where the jurisdiction is not a participating jurisdiction at the time of receipt of the revenues of the Programme, the funds shall not be subject to the requirements of this Part. 3. The revenue of the programme from unionised activities carried out by or within a unit member of the local general authority which subsequently ends their participation in the consortium shall remain revenue from the consortium programme. (vii) HOME credits are used for residential property, the procedures for determining 95 percent of the average purchase price for the territory, in accordance with section 92.254(a)(2) in the consolidated plan. (c) Local Account.