Rebate Agreement Deutsch

We must ensure that the payment of discounts (and other retroactive refunds or credits) and commissions (and other selling expenses) is based on legal agreements or other valid reasons against actual sales or services, is paid to the right part and of reasonable value. Discounts or other similar credits must be granted to the legal entity charged for the delivery of the goods in question (the „Customer“). A reference to the contract and sales invoices must be included in the credit for discounts or other similar credits. An agent is always a critical third party. Before appointing an agent, you must follow the procedures for critical third parties described in Section 6 of this Policy. It is forbidden to grant discounts to any party other than the customer („no customer party“), unless all the requirements set out in the paragraph below have been met. In order to avoid any doubt, a related company may: The company whose registered office is the customer is not a customer party, and discounts to this company must follow the rules contained therein. A commission, also known as agency fees, brokerage fees, etc., is a refund for services provided by an agent, usually as a percentage based on the value of the sale, but may also be charged at a flat rate or otherwise („commission“). An agent is a natural or legal person who negotiates and/or enters into contracts with customers on behalf of Stora Enso („Agent“). Agents do not acquire ownership of the products sold (the contract for the sale of the products is concluded between Stora Enso and the customer) and agents generally have no contractual liability to the customer, unlike a merchant who takes ownership of the goods and then resells it to his own customers („distributor“). Among the services of an agent are among others: Results: 1128. Exactly: 2.

Processing time: 247 ms. Business partners other than agents may also provide sales services to Stora Enso, either in addition to other transactions they have with Stora Enso (for example. B a distributor may purchase goods from us and provide other sales services), either as a service in its own right (e.g. B market adviser). The royalty is usually a fixed amount, but can also be based on the volume of turnover or other conditions. A Commission`s market conditions depend on various facts, such as the product. B.dem the volume and market in which the agent operates. As a result, a fair and appropriate level of commission varies from case to case. The competent commercial agent shall ensure that the Commission complies with the requirements set out in point Commission and service fees paid for other sales or marketing services should not be used to circumvent customer discount rules.

Inappropriate commission payments and other selling fees can be interpreted as bribes or illegal kickbacks. Translation takes longer than usual. Wait or click here to open the translation in a new window. The primary difference between a Rebate and a Discount is that a Rebate is given after payment and a Discount is deducted before the payment. . . . .