Mcarthur River Project Agreement Ratification Act

The project is being re-evaluated on the basis of the production of a single high-quality zinc/lead/silver-bulk concentrate, suitable for the influx into the Imperial Smelting Process huts. Extraction must be carried out by underground mining where only high-maturity earth bodies are removed. An SIR is submitted under a formal assessment procedure, followed by the filing of a supplement in December. In the event of a permit, the project would extend the life of the mine from 2010 to 2027. MIM Holdings creates a joint venture with the Japanese consortium ANT Minerals, consisting of Nippon, Mitsui and Marubeni, to exploit the resource. A full feasibility study has been completed and the decision has been made to proceed with the McArthur River project. McArthur River Mining Pty Ltd is established to operate the mine on behalf of the joint venture partners. The first feasibility study of the deposit will begin with the construction of a pilot facility and a temporary shelter. A detailed report on feasibility and the environment will be submitted to the Northern Territory Government in 1979. The feasibility study concludes that the project should be postponed due to the high cost of capital. Plans to expand the mine were announced in 2005. As the main body is just below the river, the extent required a 5.5 km deviation from the McArthur River. [8] The mine expansion was approved quickly with the support of Prime Minister John Howard.

[9] The authorization was subsequently withdrawn by actions taken by the Northern Land Council, with the support of the Traditional Owners and the Environmental Defenders Office, by the Northern Territory Supreme Court. This decision was also overturned within days and the mine was highlighted by a parliamentary vote. The Traditional Owners continued to protest and took the case to the Federal Court of Australia. It will extend the life of the mine until 2038 and is expected to contribute to the northern territory`s economy and $US 9.3 billion nationally. [15] The Northern Territory Environmental Protection Agency publishes its assessment report in the ice project submitted in 2017. The Committee recommends that the project be approved under certain conditions. He also notes that the McArthur River is healthy, the water quality is good, and the river`s fish are safe to eat. In addition, the people of Gurdanji and Yanyuwa are attempting, through the CNPC, to cooperate with Glencore to reach an agreement for the operation of the mine beyond 2018, i.e.

for the extension of the duration of the mineral leases until 2043 and, beyond that, for the reclamation and closure of the mine, as may be necessary under the revised mine project. MRM and the NT government sign a $1 million partnership agreement to promote education and training in the Gulf region. The Strong Start Bright Future offers accredited training at borroloola school, computers and participation bonuses….